Thursday, September 10, 2015

Science Starters

Looking for a way to get each class off to a great start?  Try a Science Starter! Go to to access the main page.

Science Starters are PowerPoint files set up to use as warm-ups for your classes.  They are available on an assortment of topics. Some are used to review past topics, while others reinforce knowledge from recent lessons.   I also use some to build interest in new topics or access the level of background knowledge my students have when we start a new unit. 

I will be uploading new starters over the next year as they are created.  Do you have files to share?  E-mail them to me and I'll upload them to the website for everyone to access. 

NGSS Resources

As with many things in my life, things get hectic when it's time to head back to school. One of the things  keeping me busy is redesigning the curriculum for our 7th & 8th grade science classes.  New textbooks, the continuation of our 1:1 laptop program, and aligning our program with NGSS leads to lots of resources to examine to find those that best meet our needs and will engage the students in the learning process.

Visit my NGSS resource page at for some great links to help you align your lessons to the new standards.  One of my favorite resources is the Concord Consortium.  You can choose by topic or standard and find lessons, activities, and projects that are ready-to-use!  If you haven't already visited PBS Learning Media,  be sure to find time to do so.  This site offers videos, links to interactive activities, and classroom lessons on a variety of topics.  It is one of my first resources to check when I am looking for new ideas!

What are your favorite resources to use to find new ideas?  Please comment and share the URLs with all of us.